Where do i go from here?

TA – DA! Here it is!

My first . . . a coupe of firsts actually!

My first EDC3100 assignment,

My first website,

And now it’s submitted.

For me, the link between the curriculum, classrooms, ICTs and cyber bullying seemed like a natural link to be made. After all, it is both a social and educational problem that is on the rise throughout society. And it is not confined to just one age group, culture or religion. It, like the World Wide Web, is a global issue that needs to be approached din an effective way.

This issue and it’s place within the classroom, I believe, speaks to parents and carers of young and old students. What parent isn’t concerned about their child’s well-being? And in an ever advancing world of technology, computers and ICTs in general, it is the responsibility of parents, carers and educators to be up-to-date and ‘ahead’ so to speak, in order to protect and educate students from the evil that is cyber bullying.


Something missing?

Am I missing something? I have pretty much finished my artefact and considering the ease in which i have reached this stage, I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve missed a crucial element.

So back to the task sheet, the forum and the rubric I go! And after reading numerous posts I can’t find anything! So that brings me back to what I discovered last Thursday in the tute. I’m overthinking it!

So between now and Sunday evening, I am not looking at the artefact again, save to show my husband to get him to check and review it. Just to make sure ALL my links, buttons etc work and to check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. And once he’s reviewed it and I’ve left it for a bit, I guess I’ll have to go back and check it again before submitting.

This site holds some handy hints on where to start with editing my work. And whilst it is geared towards essays, I believe the same principles will apply. Happy assignment – ing everyone!

Decisions Decisions

Originally when I began building my website for the first assignment, I was going to embed a video from YouTube. But as I became more proficient and confident with the building of my artefact on Wix I realised that this was perhaps too simplistic an option and rather lazy of me. So I decided to make my own video on Powtoon, upload that to YouTube them embed it on my website. By doing this, I hope that i have shown some technical abilities.

But now there’s a spanner been thrown in the works. I have heard (and it’s just a rumour so don’t go having fits people!) that using Wix for this assignment is sometimes viewed as ‘simplistic’ and ‘not pushing yourself’. I highly hope that this is not the case, because put quite bluntly, the majority of ICTs taught in this course are ENTIRELY new to me, so that fact that I have attempted to build my own website in less than a week, is a huge advancement for me. Rumour hopefully?!


It was very hard for me, at the start of this semester, to wrap my head around what was required of me for this course. My first issue? Changing the way I thought of the word artefact. For me, an artefact is something from history. But in ICT its taken on a whole new meaning and upon checking this site for the traditional definition, I find that I have been looking at the word artefact incorrectly for years.

So now I finally know what an artefact is, where I am going with this assignment and what direction I am taking it in. And it feels wonderful! Wix seems to be quite simple but effective to use, so I have fulfilled my criteria for this assignment in attempting something entirely new, without pushing myself too far.

This week’s job is too sit down with my research and some blank paper and organise my thoughts onto paper so that I can create a well structured website that flows. Because what’s worse than a website that’s hard to navigate?!

Here We go . . .

So I think I’ve finally made some head way on Ass 1.

Curriculum area? Check!

Content Descriptions? Check!

Direction for my 3 lessons? Check!

Reasons as to WHY ICTs are important in schools? Check!

Now I just need to decide what kind of artefact to do. And honestly? I have no idea where to even start . . . And with the due date only 10 days away, i really need to figure it out, ASAP! I’m hoping that Week 3’s moodle books will help. If they don’t, then I could really be in trouble.

But then, as I found out in yesterdays tutorial, I was overthinking the assignment which is why it seemed like so much work for such a small percentage. So I’m hoping that i’m doing that again. Wix, here I come!

What Benefit?

Kaylene’s blog got me thinking about the supposed benefits of the Dragon Box 12+ game. I personally thought it was a rubbish game. I knew it was a mathematics game, but until I read Kaylene’s blog, and subsequently checked out the games pedagogy, I had no idea what it was ‘teaching me’.

Creators of educational games need to tread carefully . . . games can’t be too ‘educational’ at the cost of entertainment, in case it turns the children off the game, but nor can the objective of the game be so hidden, that it can’t be identified. Children don’t care if they are learning through the game if it’s still fun and engaging!

My 5 year old son has recently been exposed to Reading Eggs through his school. He loves it, as does his 3 year old sister! Both their knowledge of letters is coming on in leaps and bounds. I know it’s a game directed at younger children, but I feel that it is much more successful.

Another brilliant game, that I have personally seen in action in schools during prac, is Sumdog. The students loved it, and it was so engaging that the students didn’t care whether it was educational or not! These are the types of games that children need to be exposed to.

Dragon Box did not explain what the game was, how it is connected to algebra or what the equations meant. I didn’t even understand them! And that’s coming from a student who is finally starting to enjoy Maths and did quite well in her last university maths course. So what’s the benefit?


So after what has been an extremely full on week for myself, both personally and within this course, I have FINALLY finished the models for week 2. Relieved would be an understatement!

Now I am turning my attention and focus to the 1st Assignment. I have formed a much better understanding of it overall and what is required of me, thank goodness. I’ve come up with my 3 reasons and am hoping to get some sort of outline done tomorrow morning . . . now I need to decide what ‘artefact’ to do. I don’t want to do a video or similar. I’ve done them twice in the last 6 months for different courses and feel that this is the time to push myself in regards to my ICT knowledge. This site and this site would be useful if I were to attempt an infographic (probable). But then I have used this site in a number of previous assignments and found it easy to use, therefore I theoretically, could try something new, with a programme I am already familiar with.

But then how far do I push myself? Too far and I’ll make it near impossible for myself to learn and enjoy whilst making the artefact. Too little and I prevent myself from learning anything new. I think a conversation with my tutor and some peers may be in order . . .

Goodness gracious me

What have I gotten myself into?!?! On days like this when its beautiful outside, my children are BOTH napping and hubby’s ducked out of the house that I want to take a nap. But I can’t, because of these god dam learning paths! They are never ending! And no matter how much time I put aside and how many hours I sit at my desk reading, I just can’t seem to get ahead.

All I can say is thank goodness I’m only doing 3 courses this semester. That in itself is a plus. I don’t want to hear either that ‘this is the biggest learning path’ and ‘they get smaller from here on’. It is, quite simply, too much and I for one have had enough!

Ok, I feel slightly better now. Off to read some more . . .

who doesn’t love a good app?

IMG_4939  IMG_4940IMG_4941IMG_4942

Is it bad that I became beyond excited when i discovered the WordPress App for my iPhone? I found it after loading the Diigo app onto my phone (which, as a side note, has made diigo so much more beneficial for my study!). by installing the WordPress app, I’ve been able to check on my blog, my followers and any notifications very easily.

Before I discovered the app, any time someone commented, followed or liked my blog, the e-mail i received would not take me to my blog, it would take me to the persons profile. now, I can check it. The best thing? If I’m slack or really busy I can post from my phone. Makes it SO much easier!!

Assignment 1 . . . where to start?!

In the lecture for this week, we were given a few clues on where to start for the 1st assignment (which as a side note, seems like an awfully big assignment for the 1st ICT assignment, worth such a small percentage in the big picture that is this course)!

The Australian Curriculum website is the only place to start. There is no point in starting with the Pedagogy and working backwards towards the curriculum. The easiest and most effective way to start this assignment, seems to be to start with the curriculum and move forward from there, following the path of Curriculum to the evidence available for why ICT has its place within Australian schools, through to the appropriate task and finally to the pedagogy.

Now the question for me remains, what on earth is the artefact they require? How do I go about doing it and where to start? I have no doubt that as the assignment task is unpacked in subsequent tutorials and lectures I will develop a better understanding, but for now, I’m still at somewhat of a loss. Guess i’ll be doing a bit more reading for now!