Assignment 1 . . . where to start?!

In the lecture for this week, we were given a few clues on where to start for the 1st assignment (which as a side note, seems like an awfully big assignment for the 1st ICT assignment, worth such a small percentage in the big picture that is this course)!

The Australian Curriculum website is the only place to start. There is no point in starting with the Pedagogy and working backwards towards the curriculum. The easiest and most effective way to start this assignment, seems to be to start with the curriculum and move forward from there, following the path of Curriculum to the evidence available for why ICT has its place within Australian schools, through to the appropriate task and finally to the pedagogy.

Now the question for me remains, what on earth is the artefact they require? How do I go about doing it and where to start? I have no doubt that as the assignment task is unpacked in subsequent tutorials and lectures I will develop a better understanding, but for now, I’m still at somewhat of a loss. Guess i’ll be doing a bit more reading for now!


One thought on “Assignment 1 . . . where to start?!

  1. Hi Alex. My plan is to have a very close look at the Australian Curriculum as well and take it from there with pedagogy, reasons, supportive evidence etc. Going back and forth, tying it all together. I agree with your side note – big/time-consuming assignment for such a small percentage! I try not to worry about what the other two assignments will be like at 40% each – no time for it. To be honest, my other subject’s assignment for 50% seems a lot less involved… Never mind, one thing at a time and we will get there. 🙂 Beata

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