So after what has been an extremely full on week for myself, both personally and within this course, I have FINALLY finished the models for week 2. Relieved would be an understatement!

Now I am turning my attention and focus to the 1st Assignment. I have formed a much better understanding of it overall and what is required of me, thank goodness. I’ve come up with my 3 reasons and am hoping to get some sort of outline done tomorrow morning . . . now I need to decide what ‘artefact’ to do. I don’t want to do a video or similar. I’ve done them twice in the last 6 months for different courses and feel that this is the time to push myself in regards to my ICT knowledge. This site and this site would be useful if I were to attempt an infographic (probable). But then I have used this site in a number of previous assignments and found it easy to use, therefore I theoretically, could try something new, with a programme I am already familiar with.

But then how far do I push myself? Too far and I’ll make it near impossible for myself to learn and enjoy whilst making the artefact. Too little and I prevent myself from learning anything new. I think a conversation with my tutor and some peers may be in order . . .


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