Here We go . . .

So I think I’ve finally made some head way on Ass 1.

Curriculum area? Check!

Content Descriptions? Check!

Direction for my 3 lessons? Check!

Reasons as to WHY ICTs are important in schools? Check!

Now I just need to decide what kind of artefact to do. And honestly? I have no idea where to even start . . . And with the due date only 10 days away, i really need to figure it out, ASAP! I’m hoping that Week 3’s moodle books will help. If they don’t, then I could really be in trouble.

But then, as I found out in yesterdays tutorial, I was overthinking the assignment which is why it seemed like so much work for such a small percentage. So I’m hoping that i’m doing that again. Wix, here I come!


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