It was very hard for me, at the start of this semester, to wrap my head around what was required of me for this course. My first issue? Changing the way I thought of the word artefact. For me, an artefact is something from history. But in ICT its taken on a whole new meaning and upon checking this site for the traditional definition, I find that I have been looking at the word artefact incorrectly for years.

So now I finally know what an artefact is, where I am going with this assignment and what direction I am taking it in. And it feels wonderful! Wix seems to be quite simple but effective to use, so I have fulfilled my criteria for this assignment in attempting something entirely new, without pushing myself too far.

This week’s job is too sit down with my research and some blank paper and organise my thoughts onto paper so that I can create a well structured website that flows. Because what’s worse than a website that’s hard to navigate?!


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