Decisions Decisions

Originally when I began building my website for the first assignment, I was going to embed a video from YouTube. But as I became more proficient and confident with the building of my artefact on Wix I realised that this was perhaps too simplistic an option and rather lazy of me. So I decided to make my own video on Powtoon, upload that to YouTube them embed it on my website. By doing this, I hope that i have shown some technical abilities.

But now there’s a spanner been thrown in the works. I have heard (and it’s just a rumour so don’t go having fits people!) that using Wix for this assignment is sometimes viewed as ‘simplistic’ and ‘not pushing yourself’. I highly hope that this is not the case, because put quite bluntly, the majority of ICTs taught in this course are ENTIRELY new to me, so that fact that I have attempted to build my own website in less than a week, is a huge advancement for me. Rumour hopefully?!


One thought on “Decisions Decisions

  1. I sure hope not as I used Wix to make my first ever web page and I am still struggling with the creative commons part although I have managed to embed a You Tube video, one off Scootle and another I plan to record myself. I have found the whole experience quite daunting as in the last 10 days I have made my first slide presentation and done a web page, both firsts for me. I hope it”s a rumour….

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