Something missing?

Am I missing something? I have pretty much finished my artefact and considering the ease in which i have reached this stage, I’m beginning to wonder whether I’ve missed a crucial element.

So back to the task sheet, the forum and the rubric I go! And after reading numerous posts I can’t find anything! So that brings me back to what I discovered last Thursday in the tute. I’m overthinking it!

So between now and Sunday evening, I am not looking at the artefact again, save to show my husband to get him to check and review it. Just to make sure ALL my links, buttons etc work and to check for spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. And once he’s reviewed it and I’ve left it for a bit, I guess I’ll have to go back and check it again before submitting.

This site holds some handy hints on where to start with editing my work. And whilst it is geared towards essays, I believe the same principles will apply. Happy assignment – ing everyone!


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