Slowly but surely!

After today’s tutorial, I am feeling slightly more confident about completing the assignment. Now if only I could put my head down and focus! I am the queen of procrastinating and finding any and EVERY excuse under the sun to not do something if I don’t want to. 
I’m not worried about what it is that I have to do for the assignment, I just hate writing it into a template on the computer. I still prefer to print out the template, write it onto paper then transfer it to the computer. But that’s such a waste of paper!! Today’s aim is to finish my learning experiences and the task sheet. Not impossible . . . 
But here lies the next problem. I have 2 assignments due on Monday, and whilst I have been working on them continuously and they have reached that crucial ‘nearly finished’ stage, I now have a sick 4 year old . . . Who I had to pick up from kindy early today (there goes half a day at uni) and who can’t go to kindy tomorrow (another whole day!). And whilst it is definitely not her fault the poor poppet is sick, I am starting to feel slightly panicked. Murphy’s law I guess . . . 


TPACK and Tip . . .

Brianna’s blog had a very interesting image which got me thinking about how to tackle and complete the rest of my assignment (Due in a week . . . aahh!!) and tackle any subsequent needs for ICTs in the classroom. It involved what seemed to be very neat and linear steps, but through experience i understand that not everything flows on so well. sometimes steps need to be revisited in order for what you are doing and creating to be effective.


In class we’ve been using the TPACK model to ensure that we incorporate and fulfilled what was required. Whilst I am still familiarising myself with the model, I have found the approach useful, as it reminds us, as teachers, that simply throwing an ICT element into a lesson does not make it effective. ICT and its use in the classroom needs to be effective and well thought out. Something which is not so easy right now, but something I hope i can improve on as I progress. Practice makes perfect hey?!

Already behind . . . .

its only the second of this half of the semester and I am already falling behind on the learning path material. And it is beyond frustrating . . . I hate falling behind! But what’s going to happen on prac when I still have to blog 3 times a week!? 

So this weeks plan is to keep my head down, and my bottom up and catch up . . . With assignment 2 due next week, I need as many points as possible to keep my grade up. 
Yvonne from EDX2190 has helped me to understand a better way in which to write and complete assignments. And it is because of this that I am feeling somewhat more confident about completing both a history inquiry and the next ICT assignment. And despite my obvious frustration with the workload in ICT, I am finding the unit plan itself interesting to complete, maybe because I am on track!?
I, funnily enough, look forward to the writing of the assessment tasks for the remainder of the assignment, and hope that my confidence in this assignment, and my ability to complete it well is not unfounded. At first, I did find it a little bit daunting to try and incorporate the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Elaborations together, but think I may have grasped how to do it. I guess the only hope is to snag 10 or 15 minutes with Vickie Farwell in order to check my progress and hope to receive some constructive criticism.

It’s building!

After backtracking over powerpoints from the last week before holidays and this week, I’m finally understanding what my direction for the second assessment is and how to get there. I’ll admit that at first I was panicking and slightly worried, but now I’m actually, dare I say it, enjoying myself!?!? 
It’s nice to finally see the overlapping wi the courses we are currently doing this semester, and how each course can support and enhance others. Up until now, it all seemed disjointed and messy, even if they were all necessary! As progress through this assignment, I cant help but notice it aligning itself with the second assessment in literacies. I have found this website incredibly helpful when talking about the use of ICTs in classrooms to support, amplify and transform lessons, activities and the learning that they result in.
As the semester rolls on and my 3rd professional experience looms, I’m starting to get excited agin. Pray reminds me why I chose to study teaching, and after the last few weeks Ive had and how disheartened I’ve felt about this degree in general, I’m so glad to have some excitement creeping back in!!

Return . . .

So it’s the first week back after holidays, and unfortunately I am not as refreshed as I had hoped I would be. Most of the first week of holidays was spent trying to get a headstart on my next 2 assignments, and the 2nd week was spent trying to cram in some family time.

Now that we are entering the 2nd half of Semester 1, it is my hope that prac will reinvigorate my desire for uni. Unfortunately I have been thrown a few curve balls this year (and it’s only April!), and with the workload that is ICT, I can’t help but feel somewhat flat and disinterested . . . and I hate that feeling! I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember!

But now that I have vocalised those feelings, I am going to put them behind me and move on! The rest of this semester will be better . . . I’l make sure of it! And if i struggle, I need to remember some words i found on this website.

The next generation . . .

Previously my husband purchased me an iPad as a birthday present. As we have a 5 year old son and a nearly 4 year old daughter, who already fight and bicker over the use of hubby and my iPhones for games, we made the decision that neither would be allowed to use my iPad.

I had successfully ‘hidden’ my iPad from them for 2 days, until the moment I was using it for research and my son spotted it. He knew what it was straight away, ‘mummy, you’ve got a tablet!’

He then proceeded to ask me for games. When I explained to him that there were no games as it was for uni, he proceeded to problem solve in a way only 5 year olds can. ‘That’s ok mummy, you just need to go to the app store and get me some.’

My jaw hit the floor and I couldn’t stop laughing. Something which i’m still learning to navigate is a natural language for his generation. the world of apps, games, smart phones and tablets. It frightens me a tad to think if this is how far technology has evolved in the last 10 years, then how much further will it evolve? How will it have evolved and changed by the time my children are having children and I’m a grandma?!

Relieved to say the least!

5 weeks into the first semester of this year and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. To say it has been intense is an understatement. Due to assignments and what not, I have fallen behind in my blog posts for this week. But I can see, from blog posts of Kaylene and Brianna I am not the only one relieved to have assignment 1 submitted.

And now I have discovered that whilst blog posts are not required for the 2 weeks of holidays, they ARE required for the 3 weeks of prac. What fresh hells this?!?! Am I the only on that thinks ‘How on earth am I going to accomplish that?!?!’ With my husband leaving in the next few weeks for work, not to return until later this year, an emotional son in his first year at prep and a daughter at kindy, the realisation that doing 2 pracs by myself was daunting enough. Now to realise I have to blog?!?! Got to be kidding!

In all honesty, whilst I have already learnt white a bit of new information and I am enjoying the discovery side of this course immensely, I’m beginning to think the work load is unrealistic.