Relieved to say the least!

5 weeks into the first semester of this year and I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. To say it has been intense is an understatement. Due to assignments and what not, I have fallen behind in my blog posts for this week. But I can see, from blog posts of Kaylene and Brianna I am not the only one relieved to have assignment 1 submitted.

And now I have discovered that whilst blog posts are not required for the 2 weeks of holidays, they ARE required for the 3 weeks of prac. What fresh hells this?!?! Am I the only on that thinks ‘How on earth am I going to accomplish that?!?!’ With my husband leaving in the next few weeks for work, not to return until later this year, an emotional son in his first year at prep and a daughter at kindy, the realisation that doing 2 pracs by myself was daunting enough. Now to realise I have to blog?!?! Got to be kidding!

In all honesty, whilst I have already learnt white a bit of new information and I am enjoying the discovery side of this course immensely, I’m beginning to think the work load is unrealistic.


3 thoughts on “Relieved to say the least!

  1. I handed in assignment one and the next day people are talking about assignment 2 so I don’t really feel like a “uni break” will be a break at all. I understand the importance of ICT in education but in all honesty I can’t wait for this semester to be over, hopefully with a passing grade. I also have assignments due while I am on prac for ICT and having to blog as well is going to make me……a tad bit busy. I feel your pain and have looked at assignment 2 but until I get back from my 3 days away there is no way I can process it all!

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  2. It’s ridiculous!! I understand we can’t expect to become successful and effective teacher without a lot of hard work but good god I’m exhausted!!


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