The next generation . . .

Previously my husband purchased me an iPad as a birthday present. As we have a 5 year old son and a nearly 4 year old daughter, who already fight and bicker over the use of hubby and my iPhones for games, we made the decision that neither would be allowed to use my iPad.

I had successfully ‘hidden’ my iPad from them for 2 days, until the moment I was using it for research and my son spotted it. He knew what it was straight away, ‘mummy, you’ve got a tablet!’

He then proceeded to ask me for games. When I explained to him that there were no games as it was for uni, he proceeded to problem solve in a way only 5 year olds can. ‘That’s ok mummy, you just need to go to the app store and get me some.’

My jaw hit the floor and I couldn’t stop laughing. Something which i’m still learning to navigate is a natural language for his generation. the world of apps, games, smart phones and tablets. It frightens me a tad to think if this is how far technology has evolved in the last 10 years, then how much further will it evolve? How will it have evolved and changed by the time my children are having children and I’m a grandma?!


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