Return . . .

So it’s the first week back after holidays, and unfortunately I am not as refreshed as I had hoped I would be. Most of the first week of holidays was spent trying to get a headstart on my next 2 assignments, and the 2nd week was spent trying to cram in some family time.

Now that we are entering the 2nd half of Semester 1, it is my hope that prac will reinvigorate my desire for uni. Unfortunately I have been thrown a few curve balls this year (and it’s only April!), and with the workload that is ICT, I can’t help but feel somewhat flat and disinterested . . . and I hate that feeling! I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember!

But now that I have vocalised those feelings, I am going to put them behind me and move on! The rest of this semester will be better . . . I’l make sure of it! And if i struggle, I need to remember some words i found on this website.


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