It’s building!

After backtracking over powerpoints from the last week before holidays and this week, I’m finally understanding what my direction for the second assessment is and how to get there. I’ll admit that at first I was panicking and slightly worried, but now I’m actually, dare I say it, enjoying myself!?!? 
It’s nice to finally see the overlapping wi the courses we are currently doing this semester, and how each course can support and enhance others. Up until now, it all seemed disjointed and messy, even if they were all necessary! As progress through this assignment, I cant help but notice it aligning itself with the second assessment in literacies. I have found this website incredibly helpful when talking about the use of ICTs in classrooms to support, amplify and transform lessons, activities and the learning that they result in.
As the semester rolls on and my 3rd professional experience looms, I’m starting to get excited agin. Pray reminds me why I chose to study teaching, and after the last few weeks Ive had and how disheartened I’ve felt about this degree in general, I’m so glad to have some excitement creeping back in!!


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