Already behind . . . .

its only the second of this half of the semester and I am already falling behind on the learning path material. And it is beyond frustrating . . . I hate falling behind! But what’s going to happen on prac when I still have to blog 3 times a week!? 

So this weeks plan is to keep my head down, and my bottom up and catch up . . . With assignment 2 due next week, I need as many points as possible to keep my grade up. 
Yvonne from EDX2190 has helped me to understand a better way in which to write and complete assignments. And it is because of this that I am feeling somewhat more confident about completing both a history inquiry and the next ICT assignment. And despite my obvious frustration with the workload in ICT, I am finding the unit plan itself interesting to complete, maybe because I am on track!?
I, funnily enough, look forward to the writing of the assessment tasks for the remainder of the assignment, and hope that my confidence in this assignment, and my ability to complete it well is not unfounded. At first, I did find it a little bit daunting to try and incorporate the Australian Curriculum and the Queensland Elaborations together, but think I may have grasped how to do it. I guess the only hope is to snag 10 or 15 minutes with Vickie Farwell in order to check my progress and hope to receive some constructive criticism.


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