TPACK and Tip . . .

Brianna’s blog had a very interesting image which got me thinking about how to tackle and complete the rest of my assignment (Due in a week . . . aahh!!) and tackle any subsequent needs for ICTs in the classroom. It involved what seemed to be very neat and linear steps, but through experience i understand that not everything flows on so well. sometimes steps need to be revisited in order for what you are doing and creating to be effective.


In class we’ve been using the TPACK model to ensure that we incorporate and fulfilled what was required. Whilst I am still familiarising myself with the model, I have found the approach useful, as it reminds us, as teachers, that simply throwing an ICT element into a lesson does not make it effective. ICT and its use in the classroom needs to be effective and well thought out. Something which is not so easy right now, but something I hope i can improve on as I progress. Practice makes perfect hey?!


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