Slowly but surely!

After today’s tutorial, I am feeling slightly more confident about completing the assignment. Now if only I could put my head down and focus! I am the queen of procrastinating and finding any and EVERY excuse under the sun to not do something if I don’t want to. 
I’m not worried about what it is that I have to do for the assignment, I just hate writing it into a template on the computer. I still prefer to print out the template, write it onto paper then transfer it to the computer. But that’s such a waste of paper!! Today’s aim is to finish my learning experiences and the task sheet. Not impossible . . . 
But here lies the next problem. I have 2 assignments due on Monday, and whilst I have been working on them continuously and they have reached that crucial ‘nearly finished’ stage, I now have a sick 4 year old . . . Who I had to pick up from kindy early today (there goes half a day at uni) and who can’t go to kindy tomorrow (another whole day!). And whilst it is definitely not her fault the poor poppet is sick, I am starting to feel slightly panicked. Murphy’s law I guess . . . 


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