Thankful . . .

Today I am so thankful for ICTs! Its Thursday morning and after so much toing and froing, backing and forthing, I have finally been successful in setting up a suitable time with my Mentor to come in and meet her.

I initially made contact with the Deputy Principal, via email, on Monday night, and because of NAPLAN (oh thank goodness we start prac after NAPLAN!) I didn’t get to talk to her until Tuesday evening. With a 4 year old and a 5 and a half year old just home from school and kindy, both demanding my attention. That was fun!

So then the toing and froing, backing and forthing began with my mentor. And after a number of emails, we have finally pinned down a time. Now to right a series of questions for me to ask her in order to get started on my lesson plans and the 3rd and final assignment for ICT.

Where oh where would I be without emails rights now!? Playing phone tag maybe?


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