Getting there . . . 

Yesterday I wrote about all the assignments I had left to do. Thankfully, today saw me submit 1 assignment, leaving me with 2 more to go. Needless to say, I am so relieved I made a start on all of them before prac started. Hey, I may even get one in BEFORE the due date!! Now wouldn’t that be something!?
I’m reaching the end of my tether, having slept in past my alarm 2 mornings in a row . . . Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday. Sure, I won’t get a huge sleep in being the only adult at home with 2 children, but at least I can drink my coffee at a leisurely pace, then hunker down for the weekend and get these last 2 assessments done!!


Assessments galore!!

Today was my first day back at uni since prac ended . . . And the only ‘formal’ day of classes. Safe to say, I’m looking forward to submitting my last lot of assessments to enjoy, what I think, is a well earned break.
Today was an EDC3100 tute and I now have a clearer picture of what is expected of me with the last assessment. I hate not having clear direction, and with prac having finished and other assessments due before EDC3100, it’s safe to say I had completely forgotten any previous discussions about assignment 3! But now, I feel much more calm and confident about what lies ahead.
It’s hard to believe the end of 1st semester is here already, where has the first half of 2105 gone!? Part of me wants this year to stop moving so quickly, the other half thinks back to the tough first half of the year I’ve had, knowing that the second half will prove to be just as stressful, and wants it to hurry up and finish. 2015 has not been an enjoyable year so far . . . So I’m in 2 minds. It can only get better, or how can it get any worse?

Done and dusted . . .. 

Today was my last day of prac. And I’m both sad and happy.
It was an extremely challenging prac, really making me question my choice of degree . . . . Cause serious question on whether I should change majors. It wasn’t pleasant . . . .comsidering this is some thing I’ve wanted and worked hard toward for a number of years. 
My family, and most importantly, my children, have made some pretty big sacrifices for my dream and it was disconcerting and upsetting to say the least. But that was during, and this is after.
I’m on the other side of a very long 15 days . . . Feeling accomplished that I’ve finished and learnt a lot. I formed some beautiful relationships with some children and staff members, and have a much clearer idea of what I want out of teaching.