Assessments galore!!

Today was my first day back at uni since prac ended . . . And the only ‘formal’ day of classes. Safe to say, I’m looking forward to submitting my last lot of assessments to enjoy, what I think, is a well earned break.
Today was an EDC3100 tute and I now have a clearer picture of what is expected of me with the last assessment. I hate not having clear direction, and with prac having finished and other assessments due before EDC3100, it’s safe to say I had completely forgotten any previous discussions about assignment 3! But now, I feel much more calm and confident about what lies ahead.
It’s hard to believe the end of 1st semester is here already, where has the first half of 2105 gone!? Part of me wants this year to stop moving so quickly, the other half thinks back to the tough first half of the year I’ve had, knowing that the second half will prove to be just as stressful, and wants it to hurry up and finish. 2015 has not been an enjoyable year so far . . . So I’m in 2 minds. It can only get better, or how can it get any worse?


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