Getting there . . . 

Yesterday I wrote about all the assignments I had left to do. Thankfully, today saw me submit 1 assignment, leaving me with 2 more to go. Needless to say, I am so relieved I made a start on all of them before prac started. Hey, I may even get one in BEFORE the due date!! Now wouldn’t that be something!?
I’m reaching the end of my tether, having slept in past my alarm 2 mornings in a row . . . Thank goodness tomorrow is Saturday. Sure, I won’t get a huge sleep in being the only adult at home with 2 children, but at least I can drink my coffee at a leisurely pace, then hunker down for the weekend and get these last 2 assessments done!!


Assessments galore!!

Today was my first day back at uni since prac ended . . . And the only ‘formal’ day of classes. Safe to say, I’m looking forward to submitting my last lot of assessments to enjoy, what I think, is a well earned break.
Today was an EDC3100 tute and I now have a clearer picture of what is expected of me with the last assessment. I hate not having clear direction, and with prac having finished and other assessments due before EDC3100, it’s safe to say I had completely forgotten any previous discussions about assignment 3! But now, I feel much more calm and confident about what lies ahead.
It’s hard to believe the end of 1st semester is here already, where has the first half of 2105 gone!? Part of me wants this year to stop moving so quickly, the other half thinks back to the tough first half of the year I’ve had, knowing that the second half will prove to be just as stressful, and wants it to hurry up and finish. 2015 has not been an enjoyable year so far . . . So I’m in 2 minds. It can only get better, or how can it get any worse?

Done and dusted . . .. 

Today was my last day of prac. And I’m both sad and happy.
It was an extremely challenging prac, really making me question my choice of degree . . . . Cause serious question on whether I should change majors. It wasn’t pleasant . . . .comsidering this is some thing I’ve wanted and worked hard toward for a number of years. 
My family, and most importantly, my children, have made some pretty big sacrifices for my dream and it was disconcerting and upsetting to say the least. But that was during, and this is after.
I’m on the other side of a very long 15 days . . . Feeling accomplished that I’ve finished and learnt a lot. I formed some beautiful relationships with some children and staff members, and have a much clearer idea of what I want out of teaching.

Nervous but excited

Tomorrow is THE DAY!! Prac starts tomorrow and I cannot wait!! The next 3 weeks will be long, they’ll be hard and exhausting but every minute will be so worth it!!
I’ve been told that my mentor is quite tech savvy and if this is true, I’m so thankful!! I need someone with patience and understanding when it comes to new technologies, and learning it online doesn’t help, I need some one who can go through things with me in a slow and methodical way.
With my first lesson planned, and a hectic morning planned for my first day, I’m looking forward to waking up and getting started. Good luck to, everyone else on the first day of prac and most importantly have fun and ENJOY yourselves!!

Thankful . . .

Today I am so thankful for ICTs! Its Thursday morning and after so much toing and froing, backing and forthing, I have finally been successful in setting up a suitable time with my Mentor to come in and meet her.

I initially made contact with the Deputy Principal, via email, on Monday night, and because of NAPLAN (oh thank goodness we start prac after NAPLAN!) I didn’t get to talk to her until Tuesday evening. With a 4 year old and a 5 and a half year old just home from school and kindy, both demanding my attention. That was fun!

So then the toing and froing, backing and forthing began with my mentor. And after a number of emails, we have finally pinned down a time. Now to right a series of questions for me to ask her in order to get started on my lesson plans and the 3rd and final assignment for ICT.

Where oh where would I be without emails rights now!? Playing phone tag maybe?


So as many of you are aware, prac info is up . . . And I got year 5!! I’m so excited to meet my mentor and start on Monday. Upon speaking to the deputy principal for my school, she alerted me to the fact that my mentor is a pro with ICTs. Score!! I’m hoping that where my skills are lacking, my mentor can help. 
It’s all I can do not to jump up and down . . . I’m keen to get into the school and start. I know that by the end of prac, doing the running around for 2 young children, by myself, I will be utterly exhausted and have earned my holidays, but I know it will be worth it. Prac is always worth it . . . When it gets you that much closer to the end goal. At the end, it will be my 3rd prac, and it will be 3 down, 3 to go. 
And who doesn’t love when the start of your lifelong dream is in sight!?

Glitch . . .

Don’t you just love glitches?!?! I attempted to set up an account for Cybersmart in order to start and finish the Connect.ed modules, I kept getting sent around and around in circles. It just would not let me log in with my e-mail and password. I began to get increasingly frustrated . . .

So I created an account using a personal e-mail, not my Uni e-mail as explicitly requested. And it worked! So, thats the one I’ve gone with. Hardly what was asked of me, but what can you do in a situation like that?!

Now to work my way through the modules . . . here’s hoping there are no more glitches!!


Getting excited

With prac just over a week away, I’m now beginning to get SO excited!! No matter how tired I am, or how disillusioned I become during the semester, prac always restores my passion for teaching. It is those few weeks that remind me why I started studying again and who I do it for. 
I’m hoping that I get either grade six, or prep, even year one. My previous pracs have been grade 3 & grade 4, I want to push myself and experience something new. I REALLY want senior school, as I have a bit of experience with childcare aged children, but no matter what I get, I know I will enjoy myself.
Here hoping the prac office releases the prac placements on InPlace soon, I don’t particularly look forward to finding out with less than a week to go!

Slowly but surely!

After today’s tutorial, I am feeling slightly more confident about completing the assignment. Now if only I could put my head down and focus! I am the queen of procrastinating and finding any and EVERY excuse under the sun to not do something if I don’t want to. 
I’m not worried about what it is that I have to do for the assignment, I just hate writing it into a template on the computer. I still prefer to print out the template, write it onto paper then transfer it to the computer. But that’s such a waste of paper!! Today’s aim is to finish my learning experiences and the task sheet. Not impossible . . . 
But here lies the next problem. I have 2 assignments due on Monday, and whilst I have been working on them continuously and they have reached that crucial ‘nearly finished’ stage, I now have a sick 4 year old . . . Who I had to pick up from kindy early today (there goes half a day at uni) and who can’t go to kindy tomorrow (another whole day!). And whilst it is definitely not her fault the poor poppet is sick, I am starting to feel slightly panicked. Murphy’s law I guess . . . 

TPACK and Tip . . .

Brianna’s blog had a very interesting image which got me thinking about how to tackle and complete the rest of my assignment (Due in a week . . . aahh!!) and tackle any subsequent needs for ICTs in the classroom. It involved what seemed to be very neat and linear steps, but through experience i understand that not everything flows on so well. sometimes steps need to be revisited in order for what you are doing and creating to be effective.


In class we’ve been using the TPACK model to ensure that we incorporate and fulfilled what was required. Whilst I am still familiarising myself with the model, I have found the approach useful, as it reminds us, as teachers, that simply throwing an ICT element into a lesson does not make it effective. ICT and its use in the classroom needs to be effective and well thought out. Something which is not so easy right now, but something I hope i can improve on as I progress. Practice makes perfect hey?!